Tour in Lyon indoor market

One of the most famous cheeses in Lyon
Praline tart : THE lyonnais dessert
Hanging hams !
Paul Bocuse mural
Local chocolates

Welcome in "Les Halles de Lyon", the centre of french gastronomy !

The best products in France are concentrated in this covered market with 50 very famous producers and stallholders : Madame Richard and her famous Saint-Marcellin cheese, Colette Sibilia "queen of saucisson de Lyon", and all the different sweet delicacies and confectioneries such as the "coussin de Lyon" and the "tarte aux pralines".

This tour is a stroll from stall to stall in a very warm atmosphere in order to taste the local specialties and to understand the reasons why Lyon is considered as the french capital of gastronomy : its typical restaurants without any fuss ("bouchons"), the female chefs named the "mères lyonnaises", the density of Michelin stars...
You're not in the heart of Lyon, you're in the "Belly" !

Details of the tour
Duration : Food tour 2h/2h30
The market is closed on Mondays all the day and on Sundays afternoon
This tour is not recommended for people allergic to almonds / don't eat pork
Meeting point : your hotel or 
Halles de Lyon-Paul Bocuse, 74 Rue de Bonnel 69003 LYON

Included tastings per person
- 1 glass of red wine + 4 local pork "charcuteries"
- 1 small "quenelle" (soufflé with pike and crayfish sauce)
- 1 glass of white wine + 3 different cheeses
- 1 chocolate "coussin de Lyon"
- 4 desserts (including praline tart and macaron)

In total the tastings equal to a regular meal


If your group is

Price per pers. is

Total price

1 pers.

235 €

235 €

2 pers.

135 €

270 €

3 pers.

ca. 101 €

305 €

4 pers.

85 €

340 €

5 pers.

75 €

375 €

6 pers.

ca. 68 €

410 €

7 pers.

ca. 63 €

445 €

8 pers.

60 €

480 €

Please contact us for more than 8 pax