Your attention : our friends at Bouillet have chocolate, desserts and macarons !

To be very precise, Mr Sébastien Bouillet is Mister Sweet in Lyon, and we love him, and not only because he is a local star, but also thankx to his crack team !

Many shops in Lyon, and each of them is worth a look : the historical boutique in la Croix-Rousse, the [Goûter] shop (straight back to childhood with madeleines, their shop specialized in [Chokola] : we invite you to go on a shopping spree !

Special mention to the boutique in Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse where we are all the time like regular. We are welcome by the very nice Carmen as if we were kings for our tastings of tarte aux pralines, macarons, rum babas and hundreds of other delicacies served in chrome spoons we would like to steal !

If we could give you a tip : taste the Maca’Lyon , real atomic bomb with salted butter caramel wrapped in chocolate, and their tons of macarons ! Come on, follow us for a food tour in Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse !

dbombe atomique de macaron au caramel beurre salé couvert de chocolat, ou les multiples combinaisons de saveurs de leurs macarons (rose, violette…). Mais pas besoin d'ordre, vous nous suivrez bien volontiers en visite culinaire aux Halles de Lyon ?

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